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Leopard Power hard case 5200mAh 70C 2S3P 7.4V LiPo battery

Product model: LP5200/70-2S3P (Saddle Pack)

Product introduction: LiPo battery, a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm,especially for planes and helicopters. RC LiPo batteries have three main things going for them that make them the perfect battery choice for RC planes even more so for RC helicopters over conventional rechargeable battery types such as NiCad or NiMH.

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LiPo Battery Characteristics:

Type: High Discharge Li-Po Battery
Model No.: 5200mah/7.4V/70C
Minimum Capacity: 5200mAh
Configuration: 2 S / 7.4 V / 2 Cell
Continuous Discharge Current: 70C(364A) 
Burst Discharge Current (10 sec): 140C(728A) 
Charge Rate: 1-2C(max.5C)
Pack Weight: 269.5g
Pack Size: L 69.5 x W 46.5x H 25mm

Leopard Power 7600mAh 100C 2S2P

Leopard Power 7600mAh 100C 2S2P

Spacing: Leopard Power 7600mAh 100C 2S2P

Product model: LP7600/100-2S2P

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Leopard Power 6600mAh 100C 2S2P

Leopard Power 6600mAh 100C 2S2P

Spacing: Leopard Power 6600mAh 100C 2S2P

Product model: LP6600/100-2S2P

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